Typographical Errors

8 Jan 2016 by

The following typographical errors may cause confusion for some readers:

  • The basis set used for Example 4.7 is 6-311G(2d,p) not 6-311+G(2d,p).

  • In Example 4.1, the correct label for the first molecule in the second row is:
    bicycle[2.2.0]hex-1(4)-ene (p.170).

  • In the discussion of Example 6.9 on page 252, the methane results are found in Example 6.8 (p.251).

  • In the discussion of Exercise 6.3 on page 356, the correct label for the second column of the top table is DFT. The correct labels for the second and third columns in the second table are DFT and CCSD (respectively).

  • In the discussion of Advanced Example 8.8 on page 377, some words were inadvertently omitted from the middle of the first paragraph following the bullets: “Note that the excitation energy reported at the end of the excited state geometry optimization (2.78 eV) is an energy difference between the ground state and the excited state.”

  • In Advanced Example 8.9 (p. 384), the correct cross reference in the first bullet point is to Advanced Exercise 8.11.

Note: Trivial typos which do not alter the meaning/results are not listed here.

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